What is my artwork about?  It is about history.  It is about texture.  It is about life.  My work is simple and unassuming it is meant to be used and enjoyed over time.  Its hidden beauty should be discovered as you hold it in your hand and drink from it. Your hands should feel the texture that has been left by my tools.  That is what a handmade functional item is about.  You should get to know me as you fondle your glass.  Each small flaw should be remembered; it should tell the story of how the glass was made.

With each piece that I make, I try to convey my history.  I was raised in Stockton, New Jersey, not far from where Washington crossed the Delaware.  I grew up surrounded by old things like antique ceramic jugs and early medicine bottles that had been buried, sometimes burnt and then unearthed.  These shapes continue in my work.  At times I altered them like time sometimes does, squashing them and bending them.

Every tumbler that I make is a small painting created by the layering of frits and powders.  It might be a landscape or a study in color and pattern.  I try to approach each piece as an investigation.  What will happen this time?  What secret will be revealed as I work that I can investigate further in the next piece that I make?